BGT / Virgin Media Case Study

his case study was created for ITV to celebrate the successful sponsorship partnership between Britain’s Got Talent and Virgin Media. Filming animals is generally fraught with difficulties and frustrations, especially when they’re not meticulously trained ‘acting’ specialists, but the biggest challenge filming this project was actually the weather. With a skeleton crew and lighting kit, creating that idyllic, glossy promo look on a thoroughly gloomy October morning can be really rather tricky. Fortunately, I already had quite a lot of experience with grading and compositing in After Effects, so I was well aware of what I’d be able to pull off when it came to post production. Speaking of which, there a lots of little visual touches in this film that were used to improve the look and feel of the living room, in addition to the very obvious digital trickery used to creating the talking dog (expertly animated by David Skinner) and motion graphic elements. For example, I utilised a lot of subtle glows and flares to help give the impression of more dynamic lighting, the TV and unit it stands on (set up in Cinema 4D by David Skinner) were composited in place of the existing elements which […]
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Loose Women: Behind the Scenes

o help attract new advertisers to Loose Women, ITV commissioned a short behind the scenes film to celebrate the programme’s success. My role on this project was to film an episode of the programme being made, in addition to interviews with its Executive Producer and audience members, and to provide a number of motion graphics for the reel. ROLE Camera, Graphics AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT ITV
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ITV Upfronts 2012

he ITV Upfronts is an annual event held by ITV to attract advertisers to their upcoming programmes, and I filmed a range of interviews with some of the broadcaster’s biggest stars to feature in a number of reels that were being produced for the event. Filming these kinds of interviews requires that you can both work quickly and flexibly, as you rarely have much time (or room) with which to work. In some cases we were fortunate enough to have access to a studio set, but in others we would be filming in small back rooms which can be rather tricky to light. Stills of some of these interviews are pictured here, and have been graded in After Effects. ROLE Camera, Grade AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT ITV
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