WOMAN Trial: Teaser

This film was created to tease the results of the WOMAN trial, a global study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine into the effectiveness of the drug TXA in treating postpartum haemorrhage, which claims the lives of over 100,000 women every year. I designed and built the motion graphics for this film. ROLE Design, Animation AGENCY Marmalade Film & Media CLIENT LSHTM
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Seal, Be My Friend!

Seal, Be My Friend! is a personal project I undertook over a week in July 2014, motivated by my fascination with narrative-led gameplay-light interactive experiences (such as Papers Please, Cart Life, and Gone Home). Inspired by a friend's anecdote about her futile attempts to befriend seals whilst sailing, Seal, Be My Friend! (vaguely) explores what such a situation might be like to experience, and the inevitable toll it must take on one's psyche. With this just being a first attempt at dipping my toe back into the treacherous seas of programming, and my first attempt at Unity development, it's very simple and, well, a little bit buggy. It's currently in a semi-playable state, as I believe it needs to be recompiled in the latest version of Unity - something that I don't currently have time to do! It does have multiple endings though, so that's something. DESIGN, CODING & ANIMATION George Whittaker AUDIO Play SBMF This game is not compatible with touch screen devices. It also requires you to have the Unity browser plugin installed.
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Viasat Superhero Movie Season

What are ZAP! and POW! in Russian? These were just some of the many considerations we had to make whilst producing these two 30 second promos for Viasat superhero movie season, which were designed to bookend ad breaks. Production itself on this project was just two weeks, so the preliminary testing phase was especially important in this case to ensure we could meet the deadline, and deliver on our vision. Perhaps the most important aspect of this was setting up an efficient workflow with our illustrator, who was working remotely, and with this in place, we could then scale our art requirements with full confidence in our project timeline. These promos were primarily built in After Effects, with a few assets created in Cinema 4D. The illustrations were scanned, and converted into vectors and coloured with Illustrator. I completed this project with support of two animators, who created additional assets that were integrated into my sequence build. The second of these promos won Bronze at the Promax UK 2013 Awards in the Best Foreign Promo category. ROLE Sequence Design, Animation ILLUSTRATION Flameboy Graphix AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT Viasat Watch Promos
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BBC Knowledge Explainer: Pregnancy

This explainer film was commissioned by the BBC as part of a pilot project for BBC Knowledge & Learning, and it aims to enlighten the viewer on the fascinating truth of how we all develop from just one single cell. Now perhaps no two things are more about their facts and details than science and the BBC, so the challenge here was to find ways to abstract and simplify some profoundly complex feats of human biology into something that can be easily digested in such a short time frame, whilst remaining scientifically accurate. This project also brought with it a fair number of technical challenges, not least how on earth to visualise a growing foetus without neither the time nor the money for either illustrations or 3D character animation. Thankfully, the Science Photo Library had just what we needed, a series of stock images of a 3D modelled foetus at various stages of development, and it's these images (along with a handful more of actual specimens) that largely dictated the backbone to the narrative of that part of the film, as we knew exactly what we'd be able to show. The flat images didn't quite cut it for our needs […]
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Marshal’s Law: Effects & Props

In addition to making the title sequence for Marshal's Law, I also designed and created an assortment of visual effects shots and props to help bring the fictional London borough of Nuttleworth to life. Some of them are showcased in this video.
ROLE Design, Graphics AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT Golden Tortoise
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Marshal’s Law: Titles

Marshal's Law, part sitcom, part reality show, was produced for Loaded TV in 2012/13 by Golden Tortoise. Its intriguing mix of formats (not to mention tight time and budgetary constraints) provided an interesting challenge for the design of this sequence. Parks and Recreation and How to Make It in America proved to be very useful references in establishing a style reference to aim for, which combined Parks' character vignettes and HTMIIA's photographic montages to create a very ramshackle tone - which fit the life of Lesland Marshal to a tee. Similarly, the music does a great job of establishing Lesland's aspirations. The whimsical harpsichord helps to evoke the BBC's Sherlock, who is at the opposite end of the crime-fighting scale to Lesland, a PCSO who dreams of one day being 'proper' police, while also embodying Lesland's slightly clumsy nature. Despite the concept being established relatively quickly, the sequence was actually deceptively complicated. About half of the sequence was composed with pre-existing footage of Lesland from earlier projects which, while useful for time considering the series had only just gone into production, also introduced a slight continuity problem as there were noticeable differences in the Lesland's PSCO costume. Some tracking, masking and colour correction soon saw to that though, and you'd never know the difference! Well, unless you looked at the glasses, which are also different. There was also quite a lot of subtle image manipulation utilised to re-expose some shots and clean up other visual details. For example, Dawn's shop now features some of Donny's records hanging in the background, Donny's moustache doesn't look quite so stuck on, Shetland Tony's mansion is more symmetrical (removing a bush that annoyingly unbalanced the shot), the Nuttleworth sign is a composite, and the programme's title (being a real stitched badge) required quite a lot of cleaning up as it looked fairly tatty close up.
ROLE Director, Editor, Design, Graphics, Camera AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT Golden Tortoise
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BGT / Virgin Media Case Study

This case study was created for ITV to celebrate the successful sponsorship partnership between Britain's Got Talent and Virgin Media. Filming animals is generally fraught with difficulties and frustrations, especially when they're not meticulously trained 'acting' specialists, but the biggest challenge filming this project was actually the weather. With a skeleton crew and lighting kit, creating that idyllic, glossy promo look on a thoroughly gloomy October morning can be really rather tricky. Fortunately, I already had quite a lot of experience with grading and compositing in After Effects, so I was well aware of what I'd be able to pull off when it came to post production. Speaking of which, there a lots of little visual touches in this film that were used to improve the look and feel of the living room, in addition to the very obvious digital trickery used to creating the talking dog (expertly animated by David Skinner) and motion graphic elements. For example, I utilised a lot of subtle glows and flares to help give the impression of more dynamic lighting, the TV and unit it stands on (set up in Cinema 4D by David Skinner) were composited in place of the existing elements which were a tad less glossy, and the sky in the opening shot is also a replacement as the blanket of grey in the original frame wasn't exactly flattering. I even ended up digitally removing the dog's ever-so-slightly-too-distracting willy!
ROLE Camera, Graphics AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT ITV

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Racing UK Flat Season

These endboard and caption styles were created to be used in Racing UK's broadcast promos throughout the Flat Season of 2012. They were created in After Effects by using an extensive combination of layers, effects and stock elements.
ROLE Design, Animation AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT Racing UK
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BBCW The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Designing a project for the Queen (kind of) can be a stressful experience, not least because failure could well see see your head end up on a pike. But with those irrational fears overcome, it was time to bring the events of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to life in the form of a 60 second promo for BBC Worldwide's coverage, that could also be re-versioned as a 30 and three 15-second promos - and broadcast in over 140 countries. As the festivities were still several months away, I researched the details of the three-day celebration and the routes theĀ flotilla and carriage procession would be taking so that I could start to break them down visually, and amalgamate them into a sequence. The pop-up book motif was an excellent fit for these events, as it naturally invites pagination and transitions. The sequence was built and animated with the help of 3D animation wizard David Blair. ROLE Sequence Design, 2D Animation, Compositing AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT BBC Worldwide Watch Film
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Guardian Open

The Guardian Open campaign was created to help reframe the celebrated newspaper in the hearts and minds of its staff and advertisers. Using a combination of 2D and 3D graphics, we created a beautiful sequence that takes viewers on a journey through The Guardian's plans for future growth across all of its platforms. The very-slick 3D intro and outro was designed and animated by Paul Clements, which I then built upon for the rest of the sequence, alongside two other animators.
ROLE Sequence Design, Animation AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT The Guardian
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