Jane Eyre at Haddon Hall

ane Eyre at Haddon Hall is a promenade play staged on the grounds of a historic medieval manor in the Peak District. The project was split into two films, one covering the event to function as a preview for future gala performances, with the second film focusing on what goes into staging a promenade performance. A crew of three travelled to cover the event over two days. It was filmed in a Canon C300 MK II (A Cam) and a Sony a7S II (B Cam). To view both of the films, click the button below. The second film is at the bottom of the article. ROLE Producer, Director, A Cam, Editor, GFX, Grade, Sound COMPANY Culture Trip
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Chessboxing at London’s York Hall

hessboxing is perhaps the only sport on Earth to which the sight of someone being punched square in the face will prompt cheers of “CHECKMATE!” It’s also the subject of this editorial video that I produced for Culture Trip, in collaboration with the site’s Sport Editor. The large contrast between Chess and Boxing proved a compelling challenge, both in terms of technical and stylistic considerations, throughout the project and required a fair bit of hustle during the shoot to ensure we got the coverage we needed. ROLE Producer, Director, A Cam, Editor, GFX, Grade, Sound COMPANY Culture Trip
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Experience:LDN – Shh! Maman Le Mot

his film is the first episode in a series of my own creation for Culture Trip, based around unique, interesting or downright unusual activities in London (but easily expanded to new geographic locations). This first episode covers Shh! Maman Le Mot, an immersive night of entertainment set in a secret London location – or Paris in 1943, depending on how engaged you are. This project was particularly challenging to pull together logistically, and in the end involved taking advantage of a staff-training night that was closed to the public and populating the venue with some of Culture Trip’s staff in order to film in a somewhat-controlled environment. ROLE Producer, Director, A Cam, Editor, GFX, Grade, Sound COMPANY Culture Trip
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The Voyages of Christina Franco

ith this project, I finally found a valid excuse to wear my love of Wes Anderson’s films on my sleeve. A film about a polar explorer, based at an exclusive private members club for explorers, wouldn’t be out of place in Wes’ catalogue, so I decided to dress up this simple interview film with a bit of extra creative polish. Much attention was paid to the cinematography of Wes’ films, right down to the anamorphic distortion of the lenses he commonly uses – that was recreated here in post. ROLE Producer, Director, A Cam, Editor, GFX, Grade, Sound COMPANY Culture Trip
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Laredo: The Western Town

o celebrate the launch of The Magnificent 7 remake on DVD, the distributor’s press team held an afternoon of cowboy training at Laredo, the living western town in deepest, darkest Kent. This was a very short notice project, and a skeleton crew – a crew of just one, in fact. Armed with only a Sony A7S II, a monopod and a single lav mic, I did my best to follow the action and shoot around the other press teams that were present. As very few details about the event were shared with us in advance of filming, I was able to fall back on my experience and structure the film in my head whilst filming to ensure I got the coverage and narrative elements needed to complete the film. ROLE Producer, Director, Camera, Editor, GFX, Grade, Sound COMPANY Culture Trip
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Behind Closed Drawers: Machine Gun Kelly

y first project for Culture Trip had me developing the first episode of their fashion series, Behind Closed Drawers, in which Culture Trip’s fashion editor meets notable cultural figures to discuss their wardrobe and what fashion means to them. We met with MGK at his London hotel and worked within his tight schedule to not only produce this episode, but also an additional piece of content based around MGK’s favourite travel destinations. At the time of writing (April 2017), this is Culture Trip’s most successful editorial video. ROLE Producer, Director, A Cam, Editor, GFX, Grade, Sound COMPANY Culture Trip
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Seal, Be My Friend!

Seal, Be My Friend! is a personal project I undertook over a week in July 2014, motivated by my fascination with narrative-led gameplay-light interactive experiences (such as Papers Please, Cart Life, and Gone Home). Inspired by a friend's anecdote about her futile attempts to befriend seals whilst sailing, Seal, Be My Friend! (vaguely) explores what such a situation might be like to experience, and the inevitable toll it must take on one's psyche. With this just being a first attempt at dipping my toe back into the treacherous seas of programming, and my first attempt at Unity development, it's very simple and, well, a little bit buggy. It's currently in a semi-playable state, as I believe it needs to be recompiled in the latest version of Unity - something that I don't currently have time to do! It does have multiple endings though, so that's something. DESIGN, CODING & ANIMATION George Whittaker AUDIO Play SBMF This game is not compatible with touch screen devices. It also requires you to have the Unity browser plugin installed.
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Horrender! is a short film that was produced for an internal competition of sorts at TellyJuice, to create a striking and creative Christmas message to clients. And what better way to celebrate Christmas (or indeed, anything), than with a black and white horror short?
ROLE Writer, Director, Camera, Graphics, Sound Design AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT TellyJuice

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Fjord Equinox

Fjord Equinox is an annual event thrown by the international service design consultancy Fjord for its staff. Each year, the staff at each Fjord office come together at a different location to relax, get to know each other better, and discuss the world of design. Working in a two-person crew, we flew to [very] sunny Marrakesh to film the 2013 event in what was a very intense two days of filming. In addition to producing a short online video about the event, Fjord also wanted us to produce a series of interviews with the staff members who were conducting sessions at the event and, perhaps most challengingly, a second short video about a particular session... to be screened at the end of the first night. That's a turnaround time of about three hours. Crumbs! The key to tackling all aspects of this project was logistics and planning. While I'm well versed in filming interviews and documentary footage, I'd never done so abroad, and in such a quite time frame, so this job came with quite a steep learning curve. What kit to take, how and where to pack it, when to use it, what's the most efficient backup and delivery workflow, and contingencies for foreseeable stumbling blocks... all of these and more were at the forefront of my mind in the lead up to the shoot. The preparation paid off though, and not only was the shoot was a great success, I learnt an awful lot and met some lovely people too. I might also have eaten a goat, I'm not entirely sure. The videos produced for this project were shot with a Canon C300, with supplementary footage shot on a Canon 5D Mark II. They were edited in Final Cut Pro.
ROLE Director, Camera, Editor AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT Fjord

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Media Week Awards: TOWIE & Surf

This video case study was produced in support of ITV's submission of The Only Way Is Essex and Surf's advertising campaign to the Media Week Awards 2013. The idea here was use the TOWIE-branded surf product as an item on a TV shopping channel (ITV just so happened to be about to launch The Store channel), and for star of the campaign, Joey Essex, to guest-present the segment and sing the praises of the campaign. However, the stars didn't align as Joey wasn't available, but we got the next best thing instead: a life-size Joey cardboard cut out. So with a few tweaks to the script the presenter would instead begrudgingly fill in for a 'particularly uncooperative' Joey, only to be informed at the end of the segment by his producers of his error. As luck would have it, these tweaks actually made it better!
ROLE Director, Co-writer AGENCY TellyJuice CLIENT ITV
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