he NOMOS Metro is a beautiful watch, it’s also ridiculously expensive. So I thought it more fiscally responsible, given that I haven’t even worn a watch for 15+ years, to take on this personal project of recreating one in Cinema 4D instead of buying one. The model was built from scratch using reference images from the official NOMOS website, and it’s those reference images that I’ve recreated in the final renders that you can see here. You can read more about the process of building the watch, and see a collection of fancy before/after comparisons on my blog.
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Seal, Be My Friend!

Seal, Be My Friend! is a personal project I undertook over a week in July 2014, motivated by my fascination with narrative-led gameplay-light interactive experiences (such as Papers Please, Cart Life, and Gone Home). Inspired by a friend's anecdote about her futile attempts to befriend seals whilst sailing, Seal, Be My Friend! (vaguely) explores what such a situation might be like to experience, and the inevitable toll it must take on one's psyche. With this just being a first attempt at dipping my toe back into the treacherous seas of programming, and my first attempt at Unity development, it's very simple and, well, a little bit buggy. It's currently in a semi-playable state, as I believe it needs to be recompiled in the latest version of Unity - something that I don't currently have time to do! It does have multiple endings though, so that's something. DESIGN, CODING & ANIMATION George Whittaker AUDIO Play SBMF This game is not compatible with touch screen devices. It also requires you to have the Unity browser plugin installed.
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