BBCW The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Designing a project for the Queen (kind of) can be a stressful experience, not least because failure could well see see your head end up on a pike. But with those irrational fears overcome, it was time to bring the events of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to life in the form of a 60 second promo for BBC Worldwide's coverage, that could also be re-versioned as a 30 and three 15-second promos - and broadcast in over 140 countries.

As the festivities were still several months away, I researched the details of the three-day celebration and the routes theĀ flotilla and carriage procession would be taking so that I could start to break them down visually, and amalgamate them into a sequence. The pop-up book motif was an excellent fit for these events, as it naturally invites pagination and transitions.

The sequence was built and animated with the help of 3D animation wizard David Blair.

ROLE Sequence Design, 2D Animation, Compositing
AGENCY TellyJuice
CLIENT BBC Worldwide

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