Fjord Equinox

Fjord Equinox is an annual event thrown by the international service design consultancy Fjord for its staff. Each year, the staff at each Fjord office come together at a different location to relax, get to know each other better, and discuss the world of design.

Working in a two-person crew, we flew to [very] sunny Marrakesh to film the 2013 event in what was a very intense two days of filming. In addition to producing a short online video about the event, Fjord also wanted us to produce a series of interviews with the staff members who were conducting sessions at the event and, perhaps most challengingly, a second short video about a particular session… to be screened at the end of the first night. That’s a turnaround time of about three hours. Crumbs!

The key to tackling all aspects of this project was logistics and planning. While I’m well versed in filming interviews and documentary footage, I’d never done so abroad, and in such a quite time frame, so this job came with quite a steep learning curve. What kit to take, how and where to pack it, when to use it, what’s the most efficient backup and delivery workflow, and contingencies for foreseeable stumbling blocks… all of these and more were at the forefront of my mind in the lead up to the shoot.

The preparation paid off though, and not only was the shoot was a great success, I learnt an awful lot and met some lovely people too. I might also have eaten a goat, I’m not entirely sure.

The videos produced for this project were shot with a Canon C300, with supplementary footage shot on a Canon 5D Mark II. They were edited in Final Cut Pro.

ROLE Director, Camera, Editor
AGENCY TellyJuice

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