Media Week Awards: TOWIE & Surf

This video case study was produced in support of ITV’s submission of The Only Way Is Essex and Surf’s advertising campaign to the Media Week Awards 2013.

The idea here was use the TOWIE-branded surf product as an item on a TV shopping channel (ITV just so happened to be about to launch The Store channel), and for star of the campaign, Joey Essex, to guest-present the segment and sing the praises of the campaign.

However, the stars didn’t align as Joey wasn’t available, but we got the next best thing instead: a life-size Joey cardboard cut out. So with a few tweaks to the script the presenter would instead begrudgingly fill in for a ‘particularly uncooperative’ Joey, only to be informed at the end of the segment by his producers of his error. As luck would have it, these tweaks actually made it better!

ROLE Director, Co-writer
AGENCY TellyJuice