Viasat Superhero Movie Season

What are ZAP! and POW! in Russian? These were just some of the many considerations we had to make whilst producing these two 30 second promos for Viasat superhero movie season, which were designed to bookend ad breaks.

Production itself on this project was just two weeks, so the preliminary testing phase was especially important in this case to ensure we could meet the deadline, and deliver on our vision. Perhaps the most important aspect of this was setting up an efficient workflow with our illustrator, who was working remotely, and with this in place, we could then scale our art requirements with full confidence in our project timeline.

These promos were primarily built in After Effects, with a few assets created in Cinema 4D. The illustrations were scanned, and converted into vectors and coloured with Illustrator. I completed this project with support of two animators, who created additional assets that were integrated into my sequence build.

The second of these promos won Bronze at the Promax UK 2013 Awards in the Best Foreign Promo category.

ROLE Sequence Design, Animation
ILLUSTRATION Flameboy Graphix
AGENCY TellyJuice

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